Accounts Receivable

The MARS SYSTEM is an on-line, interactive accounts receivable system, designed specifically for organizations such as educational co-ops, recreation commissions, libraries and vocational-technical schools. The MARS SYSTEM includes:


A complete Accounts Receivable System than maintains a customer base with the usual name, address, phone, fax number, etc. Cash receipt money against an invoice. Receive advance payments automatically credited to a later invoice. In the case of schools, charge damage deposits and accept outside aid or scholarship money. Generate invoices immediately or on a regular billing cycle. Age invoices. Refund deposits or over-payments. Write off bad debts. This system can be integrated with the MAGS System to provide billing for students. Get detail and summary General Ledger and Cash Receipt reports. Use multiple banks and reconcile each individually. A great system for libraries, educational co-ops and vocational schools.


A complete Accounts Payable System that allows you to pay by voucher or purchase order. PO's can be encumbered immediately or entered as requests from a remote site, awaiting the Payable Clerk's validation. Prepare payments as you have time, post and write checks at the end of the month. Simple 4 digit account number that maintains Fund, Function, Object, Location & Program codes for analysis. View any report before (or instead of) printing it. Use multiple banks and reconcile each independently. Create checks on your own printer (with signatures if you wish). Constant program updates to incorporate new features and (Heaven forbid, fix bugs). MACS has a professional staff ready to assist you when you call. We'll train your new employees at our place or yours. Periodic area meetings allow us to keep personal contact with you, make you aware of new opportunities and challenges (a fancy way of saying state/federal rules/regs.), and allow you to interact with other clients. MACS Annual Computer Symposium brings all our clients together for 2 days of fun, frolic, and a minute or so of training and refresher instruction. MACS is very proud of its reputation for providing a quality product and service to help you when you call.


The MARS System is designed to generate invoices for billing to multiple groups of customers using multiple cycles. Bill one group monthly, one weekly, one yearly. Define the customer's standard charges and process that group for their cycle. Print a verification report before posting. Keep a detail record of all charges, payments and adjustments to any invoice for any customer. Charge sales tax on any or all items or indicate tax exempt. Assess late fees. Age invoices. Print your own attractive invoice or statement with a laser printer. Got a one-time charge? Generate the invoice immediately in moments. A complex system designed to make it easy for you.


Generate invoices immediately or through a regular billing cycle. Print an attractive invoice on your laser printer. Make adjustments and receive payments to any invoice easily. Prepare statements at any time that include details of all invoices for the customer. Add your own personal message to the statement like "Have a nice day" or "Pay up you deadbeat". No need for expensive pre-printed forms. Just prepare them and print them on plain paper using your laser printer.


Advance payments for student enrollment or to hold a chair for an upcoming seminar are easily accepted. The advance is automatically credited to the invoice when it is prepared. Schools may require a contingency dorm damage deposit. No problem. Charge it on the invoice, assess it if necessary, or refund it if not. Receipt outside aid, like PELL Grants or individual scholarships. Even anonymous donations. Distribute it to the various customers/students as necessary. Keep a complete audit trail of all transactions.