Fund Accounting

The MAPP SYSTEM is an on-line, interactive governmental fund accounting system, designed specifically for organizations such as school districts. The MAPP SYSTEM is based on the guidelines contained in Handbook II, Revised: Financial Accounting, Classifications and Financial Reporting (National Council on Government Accounting). The MAPP SYSTEM includes:


A complete Accounts Payable System with the ability to incorporate Accounts Receivable. It can also be modified to use as a Student Activity Accounting System for the attendance center. Cash Receipts automatically calculate tax on activity sales. Pay by voucher or purchase order. PO's can be encumbered immediately or entered as requests from a remote site, awaiting the Payable Clerk's validation. Prepare payments as you have time, post and write checks at the end of the month. Simple 4 digit account number that maintains Fund, Function, Object, Location & Program codes for analysis. Includes functions to aid in preparing your Kansas State Budget Form. View any report before (or instead of) printing it. Use multiple banks and reconcile each independently. Create checks on your own printer (with signatures if you wish). Constant program updates to incorporate new features and (Heaven forbid, fix bugs). MACS has a professional staff ready to assist you when you call. We'll train your new employees at our place or yours. Periodic area meetings allow us to keep personal contact with you, make you aware of new opportunities and challenges (a fancy way of saying state/federal rules/regs.), and allow you to interact with other clients. MACS Annual Computer Symposium brings all our clients together for 2 days of fun, frolic, and a minute or so of training and refresher instruction. MACS is very proud of its reputation for providing a quality product and service to help you when you call.


A flexible Payroll System designed to handle simple or complex processing including summer payrolls and that annoying 13th week of bi-weekly payrolls. Use multiple banks and reconcile each independently. Create an ACH file for Direct Deposits. Generate your own checks with a laser printer (with signatures if you like). Prepare W2's and generate the Magnetic Media files for submission to Social Security before or after you begin the new year. Year-end reports and Magnetic Media files for State Retirement reports. Process your payroll in minutes today; prepare the checks tomorrow or next week. Receive constant updates from MACS to incorporate new features and adapt to new laws. Generate payroll input forms and insurance enrollment forms. Automatically prepare 'tail-end' deduction checks. MACS Annual Computer Symposium gives you an opportunity to obtain refresher training, learn about new software developments and meet with others to share ideas. We'll also wine and dine ya! Got a problem or a question? A professional staff is just a phone call away to assist you.


Keep complete records of your employee's demographic, educational and organizational information. Separate employees in a multitude of groups and sub-groups for generating reports and processing payroll and other functions. Find out whose certificates need renewing. Create salary schedules and update the personnel files automatically. Play 'What If' with different schedules and generate projected costs for budgeting and negotiation. Automatically update the payroll files for the new year. Add in-service credits for movement (or not) on the salary schedule. Maintain employee's leave by day or hour with up to 6 categories of your choice. Set up leave pools for any group. Prepare contracts with your word processor and merge the information from the personnel files, ready for signing. MACS will help you set up your files and give you complete training. Remember, if you have a problem or a question, we're only a phone call away.


Know what you own and where it is. (Or what you are supposed to have and where it's supposed to be!) This Property Accounting System is designed to allow you to easily add property when it is purchased and dispose of it as you see fit. Reports by building and room allow the supervisor to indicate if each item is still in that facility and/or if it needs to be replaced. Be aware of marginal items that may need replacing in the near future. Track items that were sold, tossed, lost or stolen. Move it from one room to another, one building to another. Know the value of your possessions for insurance purposes. Information from checks written to vendors for property are automatically placed in a holding file. At your leisure you can query this file and choose to add it to your inventory or not. Assign a property identification number and serial number, answer a couple of questions, and Voila! It's added. MACS will be happy to assist you in setting up your current files and give you complete training at our facility or yours. As always, if you have a question or a problem, we're here to serve. Just put us on your speed dial!